Case Studies

Wherever you are on your career ladder, I will help you to understand your options and make the choices that are right for you.
Here are a few real client stories. Names have been changed.
Ella, age 16

Ella is in year 11 at school and an academic all-rounder. She doesn't know how to choose her subjects for A level and what impact these choices will have on her future options for university study. 
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Kit, age 17

Kit is in year 12 at school studying A levels. He is ambitious and impatient to 'get on with life'. He asks what his options are and what the impact of his choices would be.
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Chloe, age 18

Chloe is in year 13 at school studying A levels. She has always thought she'd be a dancer and has geared everything towards this. She is now questioning this path and feels anxious about what else she can do.
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Charlotte, age 41

Charlotte has an art school training but has always worked in retail combined with raising her children. She wants to use her creativity but doesn't know how.
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Fiona, age 37

Fiona left her London job in PR seven years ago to raise a family. She now finds herself with three young children, in a rural location and feeling anxious about how to resume her satisfying and lucrative work.
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Tom, age 23

Tom has completed a Masters and gained a 2:2. He is concerned that graduate employers only want a 2:1 and is struggling to present himself in applications and his CV.
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John, age 39

John is a manual worker who feels he should move on from his current employment. He hasn't prepared a CV for over 15 years and is lacking in confidence and clarity about how to find a new role without taking any risks.
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Jack, age 52

Jack finds himself in a job which is physical and has less demand than it used to. He has firm views on how he likes to work and doesn't see how he can fit into another role.
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'I just wanted to let you know how positive G was about all the support you have given him. He couldn't praise you enough and said that it is so useful in helping him to think about next year.'