Career guidance is an investment in your future and may well save you making costly mistakes.

Many young clients (up to 19) find they gain the information and clarity they need after just 1 hour-long appointment. The fee is £85.
Adult clients facing more complex choices benefit from a appointment of an hour and a half. The fee is £135.

Some clients ask for follow up help with CV, LinkedIn profile or specific applications. This can all be done via email and is charged at £55 per hour.

How does it work?

1. You make contact with a brief overview of your concern, dilemma or aspiration.
2. We agree  a date, time and location for your  appointment.
    3. I ask you for some further background information via email.
    4. We meet for your career guidance appointment.
    5. I email you your comprehensive follow up notes along with your invoice.

If you have any questions please feel free to make contact

'I was about to borrow yet more money to fund a Masters but after two meetings with Vanessa, I realised that I had other, worthwhile options. I am now earning rather than spending!'  


'You know so much! Thank you for helping me realise and accept what it is I really want to be doing with my life.'