How do we approach career change as an adult?

It is said that divorce is the most stressful thing we may face as an adult followed by buying a house….this sounds rather flippant when we consider how many friends and acquaintances we encounter who are miserable or dissatisfied in their working life. This surely is one of the most destructive and depressing of life’s scenarios, isn’t it?

We’ve perhaps also met people who, having experienced a challenge such as illness or redundancy, say that , in hindsight, this was the best thing that could have happened to them as it ‘made’ them do something about their situation.

With planning, honesty, some bravery and effort we can make make changes to our work life and re gain the enjoyment, satisfaction and self esteem that we may have once known or have always craved. We do have to face the practicalities in our lives – children, money, location etc – but these do not necessarily prevent us from following a new path; we just need to approach the task in hand, compartmentalise the ‘problems’, consider how we can delegate, consider where we can seek assistance and admit that our own well-being and happiness is very important and impacts on those around us.

Whatever your age or circumstance you can make changes, learn new skills and take on new challenges. Ask yourself the following questions;

Why am I considering change?

What is the dream?

Why have I not made this happen before?

What am I really good at?

When am I at my most happy?

There are many resources where you will find help but if you identify with any of the above and would like to explore your options, do get in touch.


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